LIFEKIT Mobile App

LIFEKIT Mobile App
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Designed For Consumers, our latest innovation is LifeKit, a free mobile app that will allow us to take our vast, vetted database of resources directly to consumers through their smartphone or other mobile devices. LifeKit will be launched in fall 2016 and will provide quick access to local organizations that help address rising or unexpected expenses associated with unemployment, medical costs, and utility payments with the end goal of stabilizing household finances and improving cash flow. Consumers can also use LifeKit to receive trustworthy recommendations for innovative, low cost financial products such as pre-paid cards, low-cost checking and savings accounts, affordable personal loans, and financial management and bill paying systems. [LifeKit Overview Guide] 1.4M PDF

LifeKit’s spectrum of resources will allow consumers to address their immediate needs, such as paying bills and spending emergencies, and also address longer-term goals such as establishing good credit or opening a savings account.

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Over 80% of US adults with cell phones have smartphones. Unbanked and underbanked consumers depend on mobile access to the internet, rather than desktop or laptop, by a wide margin.
For new users, LifeKit opens to a quick tutorial, demonstrating the ease and benefits of engaging local services. Consumers are quickly guided to service categories both geographically close and proven to help reduce expenses. Immediate results contain only vetted, qualified services with updated data and a literal consumer call-to-action button.
The LifeKit mobile app is designed to invite regular consumer interaction, acknowledging milestones and introducing new services. Consumers are also prompted to build their own LifeKit, a collection of helpful local services meant to promote ongoing financial health. As consumers engage local services to reduce monthly expenses and break debt cycle, LifeKit introduces appropriate financial products.


When will LifeKit be available? — We anticipate a fall 2016 launch for LifeKit. Organizations interested in distributing LifeKit as part of their existing SpringFour subscription package should contact our sales team at for additional information.

How are the resources and financial products chosen and verified? — SpringFour data goes through a rigorous process. Our Data Team works with our trusted partners to research and identify appropriate resources. Together with our executive team they evaluate the reputation, the quality of service, the capacity, and the suitability of each resource. Every listing is manually added and reviewed.

What is the geographic coverage of LifeKit? — We offer over 9000 services in 170 major metro markets across the US. Additionally, we supplement all categories with both state and nationwide resources so no consumer, regardless of location, is left without a recommended resource.

Can I add or white label LifeKit into my organization's platform? — Absolutely. We will work with you to customize the appropriate solution. Our technology makes it easy to integrate into other platforms.


We look forward to the opportunity to speak in greater detail with you about SpringFour products. To schedule an online tour of our products, please contact our sales team at

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