About SpringFour

About SpringFour

Prior to the housing and mortgage crisis and well before the current array of FinTech products, the SpringFour (formerly MortgageKeeper) team developed an easy and effective way to use technology to connect homeowners facing foreclosure with trusted local and state resources. Over the past decade, SpringFour has made over 5.4 million referrals via their subscriber network to local programs and financial products for homeowners in need. Today, SpringFour’s vision is to provide
all consumers direct access to any available resources needed to create true and sustained financial stability.

At present, SpringFour’s flagship products provide consumers with referrals to 100,000 high-quality, vetted, locally-prioritized resources every month: S4direct, accessed by consumers through their financial institution’s website, and S4desktop, used by nonprofit financial counselors and loan servicing professionals, provide simple, effective, actionable direction for consumers in need. Users enter a zip code, select an area of need, and receive a list of nearby organizations ready to assist. Consumers who engage with multiple resources across several of the 26 available categories – from emergency utility and food assistance to employment and financial counseling – have been shown to save an average of $250/month in household expenses.

SpringFour’s subscribers include top mortgage servicers, national and community banks, veteran assistance organizations, and HUD-approved nonprofit financial counseling agencies like the Homeownership Preservation Foundation. SpringFour’s nationwide coverage of more than 9,000 resources helps improve their customers’ financial security, boost communication and retention, and replace loan default with lasting solutions.

In 2015, SpringFour was awarded Promontory Financial Group’s prestigious Empowerment Award in the Access category in recognition of their work bringing financial health resources to financially distressed consumers and the un/under-banked communities.

We are proud to announce that SpringFour has become a Certified B Corporation. We believe in the power of business to solve social and environmental problem. At SpringFour we strive to always do the best for our subscribers and their consumers, and gladly meet the higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance required for a Certified B Corp.



SpringFour was founded when a community development professional with a passion for helping homeowners avoid foreclosure partnered with a Ph.D. who had spent 10+ years researching consumer behavior for the housing and mortgage industries.

Homeowners and mortgage servicers were asking how they could find quality local services to help deal with unemployment, rising expenses, and possible foreclosure. In response Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey and Dr. Michael Collins founded MortgageKeeper in 2005. 6 million referrals later, the company boasts a subscriber list of more than 30 companies and nonprofits.
Our data integrity team leaves no stone unturned. They exhaustively research organizations and products that have the best reputations. Those chosen for SpringFour must be experts in their fields and be extraordinarily responsive to the needs of their clients. This highly experienced data team regularly contacts every organization to confirm everything remains up to date.
SpringFour features over 8,500 local services more than 25 resource categories covering every state. We provide a vetted set of services in nearly 200 MSA's. No other company offers such depth and breadth of updated solutions for consumers who need help managing cash flow and achieving their goals. We provide answers for everyone, regardless of where they live, adding more than 1,000 new resources each year, so consumers can get what they need, wherever they are.
SpringFour products offer consumers the help they need to get to the root causes of their financial challenges. With the connection to local services, cash flow is improved and financial emergencies are solved. In a survey of nearly 500 housing counselors, we found that consumers who use SpringFour products see a positive swing in their household cash flow; on average $250 in monthly savings.

SpringFour referrals also favorably affect loan performance. SpringFour worked with a long-time subscriber to perform a study that revealed that homeowners who received SpringFour referrals saw their loan performance improve. Within five months, 38 percent of the SpringFour-assisted loans were performing better, compared to borrowers who were not connected to SpringFour referrals.
We are proud to announce that SpringFour has become a Certified B Corporation®. We believe in the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. At SpringFour we strive to always do the best for our subscribers and their consumers, and gladly meet the higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance required for a Certified B Corporation® .


Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey, Co-Founder, President & CEO — As President and CEO, Rochelle has put together a multidisciplinary team with extensive knowledge of the housing counselor and consumer experience, consumer behavior, on the ground social services and non-profit organizations and their capacity to assist, as well as a tech team well versed in designing and deploying web-based applications. Under Rochelle's leadership, SpringFour has created a niche industry within the housing and financial industry that connects those in need with local resources through smart technology applications.

Dr. J. Michael Collins, Ph.D. , Co-Founder — Dr. Collins is a nationally-recognized expert in the loss mitigation/foreclosure industry and professor of Consumer Finance at University of Wisconsin-Madison. His studies on consumer behavior insights focus on the role of information in consumer decision-making, especially for low-income households. Collins has studied consumers in the financial marketplace for more than a decade and has published many articles on consumer responses to foreclosure, the role of default counseling, and the effects of consumer protection policies.

Cassandra Compton, VP of Data Integrity and User Experience — Cassandra leads our Data Integrity Process and team and ensures that our data is vetted and accurate. Compton is an experienced translator and is responsible for the translation of all SpringFour records into Spanish. She manages our data team of college-educated, non-profit experienced, and detail-oriented professionals who constantly check our data for accuracy and add about 1,000 new resources to the SpringFour database every year.

Katie Gottschall Donohue, VP Strategy and Operations — Katie works directly with our new and existing subscribers, creates messaging and marketing activities, and oversees our reporting and data analytics. Katie has over ten years of experience working with non-profit affordable housing agencies. She has held a variety of roles ranging from directing training and technical assistance activities for housing developers and housing counseling agencies, to conducting strategic communications with investor banks and other stakeholder groups.


We look forward to the opportunity to speak in greater detail with you about SpringFour products. To schedule an online tour of our products, please contact our sales team at info@springfour.cc

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